Wiring a neon sign is actually very easy. Some of our neon sign parts are very delicate, so, if possible, we try to ship those parts removed from the sign backing. The video below will show you how to put your neon sign together. Please remember, you do so at your own risk. Only attempt this if you feel comfortable with the steps involved.

DO NOT have the neon sign plugged in while doing this. Serious injury or death can result from electrocution. Make sure the neon sign is unplugged!

Step one, again, make sure the neon sign is unplugged. Step two, place the neon tubing on to the plastic clips and gently clip the tubes in. Step three twist the electrical wires together, making sure they are well twisted. Step four, gently slide the rubber end-caps over the twisted wires. Step five, double check that all exposed wires are covered with the proper rubber end caps, and then you can plug the sign in and turn it on.